Power Rangers!


I just found out that Netflix has every series of Power Rangers!

I’m like a kid in a candy store right now!!!

I can’t find the MMPR movie (the first one, not Turbo) but…. *squeels excitedly*

I’ve been wanting to watch them FOREVER

I’m really hoping its here when I get to New York this summer

We’re having similar days.

The Ivan Ooze film is certainly up on mine. Probably best thing is to watch some episodes and wait for it to turn up as a recommendation.

Glad to hear the Turbo one is up. Mostly looking forward to the one where they get stuck in the Megazord over Christmas, though.

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Power Rangers: Big Sisters

Kimberly and Trini have volunteered for a charity where they adopt a little sister. This is the sort of behaviour that caused a moral panic in the 90s as parents feared their children would want to emulate their heroes.

Rita wants to access some Power Eggs. But she forgot that only a child can take them. Finster creates the perfect monster to help them.

A giant chicken with a massive pair of scissors.

Maria, the “little sister”, was presumably deemed too bad an actor even by this show’s standards, so her lines have been dubbed on by an adult. The result is uber creepy.

Zack has ordered an ice cream sundae of Man Vs Food proportions. It includes eight whole bananas.

Billy has invented a car called the Rad Bug, which is a VW Beetle that can fly anywhere on the earth’s surface. They use it to get to the command centre. Y’know. The place they can teleport into with special watches. The Rad Bug is a solution in search of a problem.


In the past, millions of years ago, when the battle between good and evil began, there were sorcerers called the Morphing Masters. They made some Power Eggs, and put them in a chest that could only be opened by an innocent child. “Like Maria,” says Zordon, who clearly isn’t aware of Maria’s naughty prank in the showers earlier this episode.

Maria opens the chest offscreen, because she can only appear in US footage, and the eggs are only in Super Sentai footage. The monomyth weeps.

Great bit where Maria is thrown to her death, but is caught in the Megazord’s Massive Hand. This is achieved because the US team has built a Massive Hand. It looks a bit rubbish and is the wrong colour.

Power Rangers win. Goldar blames Finster for building such a rubbish monster. A convincing argument, although it’s hard to see what Goldar brought to the table.

Amazingly, we get to see the news cover this week’s events. They celebrate the Rangers, but astonishingly, they also know Rita Repulsa by name.

At the end, Bulk is minding his own business, eating some ice cream, and gets covered in some food in an accident. That is the end of the episode.



"A Sticky Situation" (1960) by Carl Barks

I like how advertising is literally still exactly as sexist as they’re joking about in this comic from 54 years ago.

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This episode is about a movie where the female lead is played by a shapeshifting Pokémon incapable of human speech.

"Haven’t you seen the film classic Yamask of the Opera?" Cilan asks Ash.

Well, no, he hasn’t, has he? You were THERE when Ash met his first Yamask. He’d never even heard of it. Ash hasn’t seen your foreign Unova films, Cilan.

This isn’t quite a Cilan hate blog, because Elanor’s Cilan hate puts mine in perspective. This blog is Cilan sceptical, though.

Ash has met a Zorua for the first time.

"Isn’t Zorua a really rare Pokémon?" asks Iris.

Cilan confirms this. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen one.”

You don’t know that, Cilan. Maybe everything you’ve ever seen is a Zorua.

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I’ve just had a job ad for a Studio Assistant in that London land in my inbox. A year ago I would’ve killed for such a position and now I’m going “but I don’t really want to move to London…and I’ve still got 3 months until Durham Fashion Week and dammit I want to start my own company (!)”

WTF, life. 

Sounds like it came at the perfect time, then.  Otherwise you’d be really miserable in a city where the only reasonable means of travel available is mega-hot meat bullets in creepy Victorian death tunnels.

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My slowly returning desire to write a huge word dump pseudo-literary criticism thing about Faction Paradox is warring with the fact that in order to do it properly I need to reread The Book of the War and Interference, listen to The Faction Paradox Protocols and Andrew Hickey’s interview with Lawrence Miles again, watch at least one episode of Ally McBeal and obsessively track down everything Teatime Brutality and Stalungrad have written about reality tv.

Yeah, but look, I want to read your post, so.

(You don’t need everything I’ve written about reality TV.  You only need this Iris Wildthyme essay, which I now realise I must’ve written for you three years before I knew you existed.)

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OH!  And Simon Pegg.  Hate Pegg 4 life.

More straight white cis men I hate as I remember them.  (You’ll know the ones from the comics industry already.)