aniceworld said:

i found biannca’s desperation eerie

Was it really desperation?  I read it as a performance designed for the first week.

What was interesting about Winston rejecting her was that, as well as ruining the strategy, it also seemed to genuinely upset her.  There really was a vulnerable human being there, closer to the surface than we might have expected.

and she’d more or less played out her shtick within four days.

I agree with that.  But I bet I’d love the Biannca that replaced her.

plus i was hopeful that pav would agitate against steven, which seems laughably naive in retrospect.

Zoe wasn’t going to let him evict Steven.  He clearly wanted to.

While I’m sad Biannca went, I actually didn’t want any of the new lot to go.  I’m really glad we’ve still got Zoe and Pav.  And I’m sure we’ll get lots of juicy Pav vs Steven action.

sonnetscrewdriver said: If IDW or Dynamite Press or any of that lot hired you to write comics based on any dormant Intellectual Property of your choosing, what would said choosing be and why?


I absolutely love Animorphs.  Full to the brim with concepts and ideas, most of them hugely underexplored.  They released a book each month for something like five years, most of them ghostwritten.  So many treasures thrown in and forgotten.

But it’s also a story that’s designed to move forward.  The first book introduces a really clear status quo - these five human teenagers fight secret aliens - so it’s a shock when book 4 throws in a new main character, shapeshifting alien Ax.  Book 7 gives us the nearly omnipotent Ellimist, book 13 is a huge change for Tobias, and so on and so forth.

It’s the perfect blend of pulp and serial.  Big plot twists are planned in advance, but the series messes around a lot without worrying about the big structural set pieces until they get there.

The final ten books all bleed into each other, changing the story from Spider-Man style secret superheroes living normal lives to a full-on revolution.

The series as it exists is perfect.  I don’t need more books.  But Animorphs comics?  Yep, do want.


Thank you so much. Bianca sounds like she really made the house fun!

I should probably warn you that that post is massively subjective and that most people didn’t like her at all.

I haven’t liked Steven since about week 2,

Very generous of you to make it that far.

I’m not sure if he even realises how bad he is coming across

Oh, he really doesn’t have any idea.

Steven’s plan was to pretend to be horrible when he entered, and then to slowly drop the act and become himself.

The idea being that Steven-C (i.e. the character portrayed by the human being Steven-H) is a horrible businessman who learns a Scroogey lesson and becomes nice.

The mistake Steven-H has made is that the real Steven is also horrible.  He can’t work it out.  He said on Thursday that he couldn’t understand why he was getting booed.  He thinks it’s because the horrible businessman act was too effective.

Although if he wasn’t in there we probably wouldn’t see anything of Kim.

Nah, there’d be plenty of Kim - we saw plenty of her before she and Steven were together.  She’d be there, frowning and rolling her eyes and generally being terrific.

Although whether she could recover from the appalling treatment she’s had in there is another thing.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Stevens behaviour so I wonder if big brother will eventually kick him out, I don’t think he could deal with that.

That would be wonderful, but probably too much to hope.  The complaints about Steven seem to be limited to Tumblr and corners of Twitter.  The Bit On The Side lot seem to think it’s all just larks.

From the episodes I’ve watched of bit on the side they’ve been itching to show the house what Danielle is really like, no surprise she played innocent though.

I don’t think that Danielle is too far from the truth, really.  I think she really is judgemental, and really does think sex is shameful.  All she’s hiding is her level of experience and knowledge, I reckon.

This has sounded like the best week this season, especially having Danielle to face Dexter. I hope big brother keep this up for the rest of the season.

I’d love to know what you make of it once you’ve seen it - please do let me know.  Because … it’s a pretty good week, but not as massive as it sounds when you hear “three new housemates, three evictions, lots of secrets and nudity”.

It feels like what it is - a week designed to stop the show becoming completely boring.  But unlike 2012’s The White Room, it didn’t totally transform the show into something new.

I’m doing a short set at the Harbourside Festival in Bristol tomorrow.  There’s a comedy show between 3pm and 6pm.  I’ll be the last act on, I think, so if you’re around from around 5.30ish, why not pop by?

Althought really, come sooner and see lots of my lovely friends and rivals too.  There’s hardly anyone I hate on the lineup.


Look I was trying to sell it on bonkers-ness but seriously, watch it [again].

I’ll be honest, it’s not going to be a priority.  It doesn’t even have Christina Ricci in.

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Most of the greatest moments in Ghostbusters don’t really involve those themes directly

Which is probably why you should’ve talked about everything other than its “hail the markets” awfulness.

Honestly, this is as self-destructive a pitch as that time I tried convincing Richard to watch (the brilliant) Opposite of Sex by telling him Lisa Kudrow was in it.

… I seriously can’t believe you haven’t seen Ghostbusters.

I have seen it, but I didn’t really speak much English at the time.  And even if I had, I …

… I was about to say I’d have been too young to understand free market economics, but I remember having the Welsh language book publishing industry explained to me, and I suspect that’s where all that stuff began.

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kristanmarie said:

The other two are disgustingly, painfully boring and I have a feeling they’re going to add exactly nothing to the house.

Fortunately, they’re the sorts of housemates I’ll like.  I’ll be fine once I’m over the sadness of tonight.

I really do feel for you, though.  I can only apologise on behalf of the Great and Terrible Britain.

blondxzilla said: Can you fill me in on what's been happening in the big brother house the past week? I'm away and haven't been able to watch it

Sure!  Here are all the answers.

Chapter 1 - Kimberly and Steven

This continues to be an emotionally abusive relationship.  Nearly every day, Steven tries to shame Kimberly, negging as hard as he can.  Eventually, he goes too far - Kimberly realises that his behaviour is unreasonable.  This is because he brings up the guy she was dating again.

Steven’s language is what sticks out.  He says things like, “evey day I have to deal with this”.  Kimberly points out, “I have to deal with this every day too”.  Kim cries, and Steven says, “Do you have any idea how bad you’re making me look?  Do you want me to go on Friday?”

Chapter 2 - Armageddon

New task this weeks means all the luxuries are gone, even the toaster and kettle.  This task is big enough that the show is renamed “Big Brother: Armageddon”.  Three housemates will be evicted this week, and three new housemates will be put in.

Chapter 3 - Marlon, Ash and Ashleigh

Nothing has changed for these three by the time nominations come around.  They get the most nominations, and ought to face eviction.

Instead, a twist - the housemate with the most nominations is evicted immediately.  One of the only times Channel 5 has managed to genuinely surprise the housemates - as Marlon leaves the house in his pants.

Chapter 4 - Power Trip

But the power is back in the house.  This time in the hands of the three new housemates:

  • Pav, potentially interesting, but a slow burner.
  • Zoe, the Giratina of Pop Idol.  Seems absolutely lovely.  Could even win.
  • Biannca, a force of nature.  What would happen if Geordie Shore and TOWIE had a one-night stand.  Clearly the best housemate ever.

Every old housemate except Helen faces eviction - but the housemate who goes will be chosen by the new housemates.

The new housemates face eviction by public vote - a vote to save, the housemate with the fewest vote will be evicted.

Chapter 5 - Danielle

Danielle once appeared on a show about being a webcam girl.  It’s not as inconsistent with BBDanielle as you’d expect, but it means the new housemates enter knowing about the show.

Danielle has a miserable week.  Accused of fakery by Biannca, a claim Helen is more than happy to believe, and the butt of every task set by Big Brother.  Ashleigh and Christopher do their best to comfort her.

Chapter 6 - The House of Essex

Biannca breaks the news to Winston that she would very much like to ride his cock.  Winston thinks this is a bit forward of her.

"She’s a bit forward," he tells Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Biannca does her best to woo Winston, using all her best pulling techniques:

  1. Being incredibly sexually aggressive.
  2. I suppose that’s her only tactic, really.

It doesn’t work, but never mind, Biannca is still the best.  She gives Helen a topless lap dance.  The following day, she coordinates a game of Strip Catch, and ends up proper naked, y’know, proper naked Big Brother contestant, like we used to have in 2004.

Chapter 7 - Helen and Ash

They kissed.

Chapter 8 - This is Emma

Eviction night comes … and Biannca, Queen and Goddess of All, is evicted.  Presumably because she befriended Helen.  Silly move.  She exits the house topless.

This leaves Zoe and Pav with a decision to make.

All night, the crowd have been chanting “Two Second Steven”, in references to the amount of time Steven lasted while doing some sex.

Now that the decision is to be made, the crowd is chanting the less imaginative, “Get Steven Out”.

Zoe and Pav choose Danielle.

What a night for Danielle to be evicted.  She didn’t even realise at the time that Bit On The Side had already lined up guest panellist Dexter.

BBUK voters: what do you ACTUALLY WANT? What is WRONG with you?

I get it when you vote out villains. I understand when you get rid of stirrers. But what moves you to even pick up the phone this week if you’re not going to immediately dial to save Bianca?